Your Business Data is at Risk.

Without a firewall in place, if you can get out to the Internet, you're opening yourself up to attacks. It takes seconds for hackers to gain access to your computers, server, network, and the invaluable data associated with them. The possibilities for electronic break-ins are real. It's why laws like HIPAA -- not to mention your patients -- demand that your digital data be fully secured.

We keep them out. But We let you in.

Odyssey Defender isn't just about keeping the hackers out. It's just as much about letting you in. Anytime, anywhere. Odyssey Defender's virtual private network (VPN) component provides you with protected access to your local area network 24/7. Our systems also allow you to pass the PCI scans that are used to judge your compliance with Trustwave and other leading companies.

no-software-firewall.pngSoftware-only solutions are not enough.

Turning on your computer's built in security software will not prevent all attacks. You need more. A hardware-based firewall system defends against a wider range and larger number of attacks before they can penetrate your network, working far more effectively that your computer ever could.

Hardware firewall appliances are specialized computers in their own right, designed to filter out unauthorized network traffic while allowing approved access. As such, they require a complex set of rules and configuration options that must be properly tuned to your specific office and usage patterns to work effectively.

Which is why the Odyssey Defender Managed Firewall Service handles it all for you.

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