Odyssey Defender
Keeps Your Data Safe. 24/7.

  • Created by the Cisco-certified specialists at Odyssey Communications Group Inc. By default, Cisco products are designed to protect all wireless products, including your phone and iPads, in addition to your office setup.
  • Keeps your business PCI compliant, which means fewer fees from your credit card company.
  • OdysseyDefender blocks hacking attempts via open ports with the use of an enterprise-grade firewall.
  • It provides you with remote access to your work that is both secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • Capable of limiting website access within the office.

How it Works

Perimeter Defense

  • OdysseyDefender blocks services that are likely to cause problems if they gain access to your server. Which applications are entitled to send and receive information from external sources are chosen by you with guidance from Odyssey. This restriction of access keeps your business PCI compliant.
  • OdysseyDefender also blocks unauthorized login attempts on your network. Double password authentication acts as a barrier between your server and potential hackers.
  • Additionally, OdysseyDefender implements a firewall system that is certified HIPAA compliant and generates monthly reports that reveal every attempt to access your server.
  • The blocking capabilities provided by Defender PLUS improve office security and productivity because instant messaging programs are blocked at the protocol level.
  • Provides an easy-to-remember domain used to access your network. You no longer have to memorize your outside IP address.
  • Defender PLUS is capable of controlling the outbound Internet. OdysseyDefender can block your employees from accessing the Internet entirely, or just certain websites. Often people don't know the sites they're visiting have the potential to harm their system.
  • Defender Premium primarily adds to the filtering services -- Including screening email for spam and malware and the web for poisoned sites, among other attacks.

Desktop Defense

  • Finally, acting as a defense against viruses and data invasions on your desktop, DefenderDesktop includes Sophos for your computer system. Because of mobile computing, it is possible for you to infect your office setup through work transferred remotely or via flash drive. Sophos protects against this form of potential damage, taking your data security to the next level.

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