Modern technology provides us
the luxury of accessing our work
from anywhere...but...

Each time you
access your files
via the web,
you're vulnerable --
more vulnerable
than you know.

We Keep
Them Out.

But We Let
You In.

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To protect your livelihood, you need a firewall system.

You use mobile computing to remote into your office files without a second thought. What you may not know is that each time you access your business data off-site - whether it be from a phone, an iPad or a laptop - you're putting your business at risk. Without a firewall in place, if you can get out to the Internet, you're opening yourself up to attacks. It takes seconds for hackers to gain access to your computers, server, network, and the invaluable data associated with them.

Would you leave your office doors unlocked? Then why would you leave your business open to hackers? OdysseyDefender is designed to provide barrier protection to secure your network.

OdysseyDefender 2.0
will protect you.

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